Should You Keep The Stickers On Your Hat?

Hats offer a chance for people to dabble in the latest trends and experiment with new styles. One of the best ways to showcase authenticity and expertise is by having a bill sticker on the brim of your favorite caps.

At a glance

  • Bill stickers are a seal of approval from the maker.
  • These stickers represent authenticity and quality and are an integral part of your cap’s anatomy.
  • The golden bill stickers from Double Portion Supply are a beautiful extension of your newest customized cap.
  • Keeping the stickers on the bill of your cap is a must if you want to showcase your headwear in the right way.

Though there’s an ongoing debate about whether or not you should leave the stickers on your hats, it’s undeniably important to keep any decals on your caps. Bill stickers are a reflection of the reputation of the hat and showcase the brand’s commitment to quality.

Keep reading, and we’ll let you in on why bill stickers are an integral component of any custom headwear.

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Why do people leave stickers on baseball caps?

The baseball cap is both a staple of American culture and a major mark of perpetual style. Since the introduction of straw baseball caps in the 1800s to the widespread acceptance of this type of headwear in the 1950s, the baseball cap has long been a way for most people to both shield their eyes from the sun while showcasing their individual fashion taste.

If you’ve ever bought a fitted hat, it likely came with a sticker plastered to the brim. These bill stickers are more than just an eye-catching decal. They’re a profound extension of the hat itself.


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The Aloha Coconuts Hat from Double Portion Supply

Bill stickers are a stamp of approval from the maker

Though it’s hard to say for certain where bill stickers originated from, they’ve developed into an iconic part of the headwear industry. These stickers represent authenticity and quality, showing the world around you that your newest hat is a force to be reckoned with.

And when you buy a custom cap from Double Portion Supply, your new hat will come tastefully dressed with our golden bill sticker.

From our custom embroidered caps to our blank hats in bulk, there are plenty of ways to receive a golden DP bill sticker

Whether you’re looking to buy a simplistic and comfortable ball cap to wear on your outdoor adventures, or you want to buy a stylish and trendy customized snapback hat, each cap from Double Portion Supply comes with a golden branded decal. This, simply put, is our seal of approval, guaranteeing a high-quality hat that will meet all of your headwear needs and more.

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Bill stickers in today’s modern world

Whether you’re a business owner looking to collect customer-centric merch to sell at your storefront, or you’re simply seeking to keep up with the latest fashion trends, it’s important to find custom caps that come with a bill sticker. These decals represent the brand, the quality, and the authenticity of your caps in a simplistic and meaningful way.

Rocking your cap with a shiny sticker helps to bring your headwear game to the next level. In addition to being a marker of the exceptional quality of your hat, it also is a stunning accessory in and of itself.


the black rounded visor snapback from double portion supply previous stupid trend display posts new era street cred new era gold sticker fitted hats leaving stickers same way posts sticker baseball cap sticker baseball cap sticker sticker

The Black Rounded Visor Snapback from Double Portion Supply

Double Portion Supply takes pride in our golden stickers, and, most notably, the high standards of quality to which all our caps adhere to. These stickers are more than just a shiny decal. They’re an extension of Double Portion Supply’s continuous commitment to hand-crafting quality hats that resonate.

You deserve to wear a snapback that showcases your personal preference and fashion tastes in a meaningful and memorable way. And this is the way to do just that!

Final thoughts

To answer the question, yes – you should leave the sticker on your fitted hat!

When it comes down to rocking your favorite hats, it’s up to you to decide which route you want to go. Whether you feel most comfortable in a low-profile ball cap or a custom embroidered snapback, when you buy a hat from Double Portion Supply, you also receive a golden stamp of approval.

With our golden brand stickers beautifully showcased on the brim, the best way to spice up your headwear game is by getting your custom hats from Double Portion Supply. Whether you want to wear vivid neon trucker hats or simplistic neutral dad caps, there are countless options for you to explore here!

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