Social Media Package

Are you reaching your Customers only in person? Printing Cards and Banners works, but there is a huge market unseen on Social Media. Billions of people are on their phones discovering stores and companies, why not yours? We know what makes them click and buy. Not only that, but having these Social Medias is also important for you to appear on Search Engines such as: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Most people don’t know that you can actually lower your search engine results or get bad reviews if done incorrectly, becoming flagged or even have your account disabled. Here at Double Portion Supply we know all the right ways to setup and link your Social Medias. We also fix the ones you got already.


A part of the Social Media Package includes connecting your Social Medias together. You will only have to make 1 post and then it will automatically post on everything else! This saves time and also keeps your content alive which is needed to keep you at the top of Search Engines.


You might have a few Social Media’s you started yourself but aren’t getting the sales. Majority of time it is how you are communicating verbally and visually. We analyze and help with: Wording, Graphics and Keywords. We want to make sure you are reaching your market and increasing in sales.

Maps Package

People are are getting more and more off of their computers and on to their phones. This Map Package focuses on setting up real business pages with specific Search Engine Optimization and Marketing techniques that appear on Major Map Apps, Websites and Smartphones. How we set it up will increase your page to the top of Search Engines as well. When people are driving around and searching, your company you will show up and be able to direct people towards your website or phone call for sales.
Includes: Business account Setup and Confirmation, Search Engine Specific Words, Description, Multiple Pictures uploaded, Website and Hours Added, Category Setup + more.


Social Media

Single Social Media

(Setup & Modification)

Social Media

Over 6+ Social Medias
$100+ Savings

(Setup & Modification)


All Major Maps
Google, Yelp, iPhone, Yellowpages

(Setup & Modification)

Social Media Package
with Maps Package

Everything Included
$250 Savings

(Setup & Modification)

This is not a monthly cost!
Just a 1 Time fee that will last forever.

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We also offer Dynamic Website Design & Setup. By having links to social media also will bring your website to the top of Search Engines. Along with: correct Meta Tags, Descriptions and visually stunning graphics. 1 or all of these packages, your business will be visible, guaranteed. The more the stronger your website is live and pulled to the top!