How To Wear A Hat With Long Hair: Tips And Tricks

If you have longer locks, you don’t need to forego wearing a hat altogether. Regardless of your hairstyle, there are many ways to confidently rock a hat.

Quick guide

  1. How to wear a baseball cap
  2. How to wear a snapback
  3. How to wear a beanie
  4. How to wear a bucket hat
  5. How to wear a dad hat

If popping a cap onto your head of luscious locks sounds intimidating, rest assured that the right hat will only serve to enhance your personal style and flair. Keep reading, and we’ll share the best ways to wear any type of hat with your long hair!

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#1. How to wear a baseball cap with long hair

Sprucing up your daily look with an accessory or two is a simplistic way to elevate your style. And hats make for the best accessories, as they’re both practical and make for a fantastic fashion statement if you’re bold enough to go that route.

However, you need to be sure that you take the right approach to the hat you wear on your noggin. Especially if you have long hair, it can seem challenging at first to properly style it!

a boy in his bedroom wearing a hat playing video games tuck guys neck women bun worn style wear a hat baseball caps styleHere are some hat styles that pair perfectly with long hair

Most hats are easy to throw on and effortless to rock. But you might need to put in a tad more work to look your best with a hat if you have long locks.

If you’re trying to find ways to style your ball caps, there are luckily plenty of simplistic hairstyles out there that can make it easy. You can easily wear loose hair, letting it flow over your shoulders. Otherwise, you can toss it back into a low ponytail or a low messy bun.

the woodland dad hat from double portion supply dreadlocks shoulder pulled fine styles winter styling tuck guys styling

Double Portion Supply’s Woodland Dad Hat

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A baseball cap is a great way to make your look All-American without trying too hard. Plus, throwing one on is the best way to effortlessly cover up a bad hair day.

#2. How to wear a snapback with long hair

Adjustable snapbacks are perhaps the best choice of headwear for anything with long or medium hair. As your hair grows or gains volume, you can just continue to correct the adjustable snapback closure to better fit your long hair.

Caps like the trendy customizable snapback hats from Double Portion Supply are ideal for nearly any hairstyle.

camo mesh snapback hat from double portion supply baseball caps protect wear a hat with long hair wardrobe tight cute wear a hat

Double Portion Supply’s Camo Mesh Snapback Hat

Snapbacks can go with either a causal, more laid-back look or a bold trend-setting fit, depending on the style you’re going for. But regardless of your outfit, snapbacks always pair well with long hair. They’re the perfect match for those luscious locks you’ve spent so much time growing out!

#3. How to wear a beanie with long hair

Winter hats not only are good for long hair, but they also help keep your head warm and cozy when the temperature starts to drop. It’s best to opt for a beanie that actually fits your head, as loose caps can make you look a little disheveled.

Essentially for curly hair, beanies are a great way to go. They help to frame your face shape nicely while enhancing the natural look of your hair!

Beanies are a great hat choice for both practicality and style

Try wearing your hair down, or you can throw it into a low ponytail. If you’re a gal, try pulling out a few hair strands in the front for a more stylish edge. Don’t forget you can always go with twisting your hair in a loose braid to add a bit more depth to your look.

#4. How to wear a bucket hat with long hair

Bucket hats are often seen as one of the most challenging hats to style. Not many can successfully pull off this casual, trendy look, and it can be even harder if you have long hair!

If you have medium hair with wavy curls, a bucket hat might be the perfect choice for you. But only pull out your bucket hats for casual meet-ups, and leave them in the closet if you’re heading to a more formal occasion.

#5. How to wear a dad hat with long hair

a girl wearing all black and a low brim hat secret handshake ears ears hat etiquette hang loose hair whips wear a hat with long hairDad hats have been all the rage lately. And it seems like they won’t be going out of style for a while.

If you’re looking to properly wear your dad hats, ensure that you have your hair done right. Long hairstyles pair well with this casual style of hat, especially for women.

The perfect way to spruce up a casual fit

For an easy way to wear your favorite hats, try tucking your hair in right under it. Not only does it look stylishly effortless, but it takes a split second to pull off.

Otherwise, you can tie your hair back in a low ponytail or bun, and pull out a few hair strands in the front to make the look a bit more fun and flattering.

Though dad hats might look laid-back, they’re a fashionable choice for anyone looking to properly style their long hair!

Final thoughts

When you wear a hat, you’re not only keeping your noggin protected from the elements. You’re also creating an artistic outlet for your inner fashionista.

Even if you have long hair, you deserve to rock your favorite custom hats with confidence and passion. These tips and tricks will help you do just that!

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