Trucker Hat Vs. Baseball Hat: What’s The Difference?

If your go-to look has become bland and boring, a colorful and custom cap might be the perfect way to breathe new life into it. Though there are nearly infinite types of hats out there, you can’t ever go wrong with the classic trucker cap.

Key Takeaways

  • Trucker hats are typically made from foam and have a large front panel. Trucker hats are also often made with a slightly curved brim and feature an adjustable snap closure in the back.
  • On the other hand, baseball caps are made from fabric like cotton and have a firm brim. They’re the perfect accessory if you want to put together a laid-back look.

Anyone from trucker drivers to trend-setting fashionistas can pull off this mesh cap. They’re comfy, casual, and super easy to customize with a design that’s your own.

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything there is to know about trucker hats in 2024.

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What is a Trucker Hat?

Almost all hat styles have a distinct look that sets them apart from the rest. Fedoras are easily recognizable thanks to their pinched crown and soft brim, while you can often spot trucker hats from their foam panel and mesh back.

However, not all hat types are so unique. Baseball caps and trucker hats, though somewhat similar in looks, are far from the same type of headwear.

the all solid olive foam trucker hat from double portion supply socially acceptable stretch fit head sizes light rain promotional accessory metal grommets high fashion fabric eyelets flat bill non sport wear gimme cap other rural workers

The All Solid Olive Foam Trucker Hat from Double Portion Supply

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Key Characteristics of Trucker Hats

Thanks to their notable mesh back panels and foam front panels, you can spot a trucker hat a mile away. That’s perhaps the most iconic characteristic of these accessories.

The breathable mesh of trucker caps is a huge advantage for agricultural workers and farming supply companies (who often buy trucker hats in bulk for their merch collection). This lightweight material allows for adequate airflow and prevents sweaty heads during hot weather.

Trucker hats are usually made with a foam front panel that gives the cap some structure. And this is the perfect canvas for any logo or design. Because of this build, foam truckers are great hats to buy blank on which to embroider your company’s design.

The Best Way to Set Up Your Business’ Custom Merch Collection

For a classic fit and a timeless look, you’re best off getting your trucker hat from Double Portion Supply. Our in-store and virtual shelves are stocked with an endless supply of trucker hats, dad hats, and baseball caps, so feel free to take your pick.

We are dedicated to the craft, using only the most high-quality materials to create these beautiful custom caps. Each hat we make is expertly crafted and designed, from the custom embroidery to the adjustable snapback closure.

double portion supply's embroidery hat machine at work typically constructed high crown elastic band adjustable sizing baseball players adjustable baseball caps truck drivers trucker hat vs baseball cap promotional give away

Double Portion Supply creates high-quality custom headwear for fashion-forward individuals, merch-centric business owners, and everyone in between.

In addition to plastic mesh panels and a foam front, trucker caps also have a slightly curved bill and a snap closure in the back. And because trucker hats weren’t ever really marketed exclusively as sports caps, they became a mainstream accessory for any and everyone to wear.

What is a Baseball Cap?

Baseball caps are the most traditional form of American headwear. What originally started as a must-have accessory for baseball teams has grown into a timeless closet staple.

girl in a bikini wearing a hat from double portion supply on the beach featuring adjustable snap fitted baseball cap distinctive features five panel construction pop culture outdoor activities netback cap trucker hat makes feed cap trucker hat vs

Key Characteristics of Baseball Caps

Unlike foam trucker hats, baseball caps are made purely out of fabric. Your go-to baseball cap is likely made with cotton or other durable yet soft materials.

In the past, the traditional baseball player uniform included a baseball cap made with six panels. Now, many modern-day baseball hats are made with four panels. A baseball cap also comes with a soft cap and rounded crown, which contributes to its timeless appeal.

Lastly, you can identify baseball caps by stiff bills, adjustable strap closures, and a fabric-covered button sitting on top.

Are Trucker Hats in Style?

the yellow tiki mesh snapback hat from double portion supply trucker hat trucker cap baseball cap trucker hat trucker cap baseball cap new york knickerbockers televised sports baseball caps offer baseball cap trucker cap snapback closure trucker hat trucker cap baseball cap trucker hat trucker hat

The Yellow Tiki Mesh Snapback Hat from Double Portion Supply

Trucker hats are often worn by (you guessed it) truck drivers. But that doesn’t mean this humble accessory can’t top today’s fashion trends.

The trucker hat trend has been taking off recently, making noticeable waves in the fashion world (just check out what Vogue has to say about it!)

But this versatile accessory isn’t just great for showcasing your sense of style. It’s the ideal option for your business’s new custom merch and promotional products. It’s hard to beat that spacious foam front. It’s the perfect place to plaster your company’s vibrant logo!

Final Thoughts

Trucker hats and baseball caps alike have a timeless appeal and a practical edge. Whether you want to stock your store’s shelves with custom merchandise or simply enhance your personal style, these classy forms of headwear are the perfect choice.

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