A Brief History Of Hats

From the wide-brimmed hats of ancient Greece to the vibrant, trendy bucket hats of nowadays, headwear has always been an important part of regular attire. Whether you’re simply looking to save your eyes from sun rays or make a bold fashion statement, the right hat can do more than you might realize.

At a glance

  • The first known hat was depicted in tomb paintings from ancient Egypt, around 3,200 BCE.
  • Through the Middle Ages, it was commonplace for men to have hoods or berets, while women wore veils or other extravagant headwear depending on social standing.
  • Top hats were commonly worn in the 19th century. Other styles like the Panama hat and bowler hat came around at this time as well.
  • Baseball hats first were used in the mid-19th century by baseball players, and by the 20th century, they were regularly a part of everyday attire.
  • Nowadays, it’s amazingly commonplace to see people wearing a stylish dad hat or bucket hat regularly. It’s important to have a variety of caps in your closet if you want to live up to your trendy potential!
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Over thousands of years, hats have adapted to better suit modern needs and styles. And if you’re looking to outfit your shop with the latest merch and apparel, you’re best off going with a custom embroidered snapback.

Keep reading, and we’ll review hats through the ages.

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Hats in ancient times

The idea of wearing hats is anything but a new idea. Though it’s nearly impossible to say for certain when hats first came to be, there are many early depictions of hats that date back to ancient times. Hats first appeared in 3,2000 BCE in a tomb painting found in Egypt that shows a man wearing a conical straw hat.

During this ancient time, many upper-class Egyptians wore headdresses to keep their heads warm, as it was customary in ancient Egypt for upper-class members to shave their hair. Pharaohs wore large crowns which were used to display the wearer’s divine nature.

Other early hats

Various headgear was originally used as a form of protection from things like falling objects or falling stones. But they also helped to demonstrate social status.

In the Roman Empire, hats like the skull-like cap known as pileus were commonly worn. Another hat known as the Phrygian cap was worn by the once-enslaved Romans and Greeks. The Phrygian was a folded conical cap that later showed up during the American Revolution and French Revolution as a long-lasting symbol of freedom.

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During the Middle Ages

As the Middle Ages came around, it became customary for men to wear hoods or berets. In the early years of the Middle Ages, women wore veils, and later their headwear became much more extravagant and elaborate. It was common for wealthy and noble women to don their heads with a hennin, which is a rather tall headdress in a cone shape.

Hats in the sixteenth-century

Before now, it was uncommon for any and everyone to wear hats. But as the 16th century closed in, it was more regular for all people to wear some type of headwear. In the early 16th century, women wore hooded hats known as gable hoods. At the end of the century, wealthy women started to wear ostrich feathers in their caps, while those with less financial stability wore a linen cap known as a coif.

In the 17th century, men wore hats with wide brims, until the silk top hat was invented in the 18th century. When compared to the trendy bucket hats and neon foam truckers of today, it’s easy to see how hats have come a long way.

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The mass production of caps in the nineteenth-century

During the Industrial Revolution, it became much easier for hats to be mass-produced. This made them more widely accessible, and new styles were effortlessly invented.

From the cloche hat to the bowler hat, new styles became commonplace

Around this time, new caps and hat styles became popular. The Panama hat, otherwise called a toquilla straw hat, was traditionally worn in Ecuador and reflects the connection between the Ecuadorian people and their culture and nature.

Other notable hat styles from the 19th century include the top hat, which was ironically worn by United States President Abraham Lincoln. The bowler hat was created by Thomas and William Bowler and was made famous by the popular actor Charlie Chaplin.

Around this time, it was regular to see a woman wearing bonnets decorated with ribbons. In the 20th century, these women’s hats were replaced with round hats adorned with flowers or feathers, and in the 1920s the cloche hat became popular.

The history of the baseball cap

One of the most iconic types of cap is the baseball hat. This iconic marker of American culture is made with a soft cap and stiff visor and usually comes with an adjustable strap on the back. The baseball cap is a derivation of multiple styles of caps, including the military “pillbox” hat which was made popular by Jacqueline Kennedy.

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The early baseball hats of the mid and late 19th century were worn exclusively by baseball players, hence the name. As the 20th century neared, it became commonplace for people to sport it as a part of their everyday apparel.

Modern hats

In today’s modern age, it’s widely known that caps can be both immensely practical and a staple of fashion. Though the look of the baseball cap hasn’t been significantly altered since the 1950’s, it means something much more now.

Instead of simply being a way to show support for your favorite ball team, baseball caps and snapbacks are seen as necessary accessories for everyday outfits. Snapbacks were popularized by early hip-hop fashion, and now are simply the foundation of casual and comfortable attire. If your closet isn’t filled with at least a handful of trendy hats, you’re missing out!

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Modern caps are a part of women’s and men’s fashion alike. And if you’re looking to make the most of your brand’s image, it’s a good idea to buy hats in bulk for your merch store. That’s the best way to enhance your company and build rapport with your client base!

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