Policies for Custom Jobs


All Deposits paid are non-refundable. The full amount of deposit you pay is applied towards Total. If job is canceled before any work on proof the Deposit can be used on another item. Hats purchased for holding are considered a deposit and no refunds on that (since it is keeping hats from being sold all hats must be purchased even if not used)


Once you approve Proof you are agreeing to pay the total (and taxes if applies) from our current prices listed on proof or website within a Month the latest. You also must pickup within a week. Any job not picked up will be charged a storage fee of $50 each month or trashed after 1 month from completion at our discretion (total still must be paid).


If you cancel job after any proof worked on any paid deposit is not-refundable and any Design or setup fees must be paid. If you didn’t pay deposit the Cancelation Fee is $100.  If canceled before we do any work on proof you can use deposit towards another custom product or item on Double Portion Supply website (expires same year). If canceled and hats are pulled or ordered or shirts ordered you must buy all blanks and shipping cost at our retail price. Once any production starts there is no Cancelation and must pay full agreed amount.


If you provide or ask for any of the following: Art, Font, or Logo that is copyrighted, Double Portion Supply and all Employees are not responsible for any legal issues. No refunds. You as the customer take responsibility for purchasing art, fonts or getting permission of logo usage. Also if you copy any ones artwork or ask for us to design in a style that is existing we do not cover any cease and desist orders.


Digital Proofs are not exact and will vary in person on the following: Size, Color, Detail, Pattern, Position, Center Point, Quality and or Tilt. Small Artwork detail can be lost on conversion of Embroidery or Print. Ink can Blend. Foil can Crease or crack or small pieces of foil flake off. Embroidery can separate or skip. This is normal and not considered Damaged.


If some or all of Blank on Orders become out of stock: We will alert you and ask you to replace with another item in stock – or if item is being reproduced you will get when comes back in stock. This can happen since we have both a physical store and online store that share Blanks also if special ordering blanks for shirts can run out. We try to update if something is out of stock as soon as possible. There is no refund if items run out. You must accept available of ordered or pick another to replace missing.


If picking up: Please examine your Product, Quantity and Quality before leaving shop to help with any Returns and exchanges. If any items reported missing after pickup it will be void.

Products reported within 1 week of Pickup or Delivery will be ok for return or exchange if not worn(used) or washed(cleaned) in anyway. Once past the 1 week returns and exchanges are void.


If Custom Job is damaged we do not always redo that item (Specially if it was just a 1 to a few items of many), we just do not charge for those items damages. If charged already we give store credit for just those items. We do not cover shipping back to us on every custom order please check with us before placing order.

If you(the customer) are providing items to be customized we do not cover any damages. Some items may not print or embroider well and we cant be held responsible for products that are not ours.


Please allow extra time for Shipping this is not included in Turn around time. If you the customer approves shipping address on proof and is wrong we are not responsible for loss. We are not responsible for delays with UPS, USPS or FedEx. Once package is set to Delivered we are not responsible if someone takes from your porch or signs for you.

In the end we want you as the customer to be happy but also need to protect the company and peoples jobs who work for Double Portion Supply. Feel free to contact us if any problems.

Thank you

Double Portion Supply Policies may change, please check this page before approval on orders, re-orders or future orders.