Coach Bobby Watson Wears A Double Portion Supply Cap During The Super Bowl 58 Coin Toss

February 13, 2024
coach bobby watson wears a double portion supply cap during the super bowl 58 coin toss

Over the weekend, millions eagerly tuned in to watch the highly anticipated 2024 Super Bowl game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Up 10% from last year’s Super Bowl viewership, more than 200 million people watched all or part of Super Bowl LVIII across all networks.

As he performed the coin toss, Coach Bobby Watson of Lahaina Luna Football wore one of Double Portion Supply’s iconic caps. It landed on the Chiefs, and they went on to win the big game… perhaps it was luck, or perhaps it was the Double Portion Supply cap? 

black and red triangles
The Black And Red Triangles Hat from Double Portion Supply

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