The 9 Most Unique Corporate Gift Ideas For 2024

February 26, 2024
branded corporate gifts

Gift-giving is a generous way to spread positivity and encourage appreciation. But in the business world, it can be challenging to find suitable gift ideas!

At A Glance

  1. Custom snapback hat
  2. Polo shirts
  3. Ceramic mug
  4. Spacious tote bags
  5. Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones
  6. Succulent plants
  7. Branded T-shirts
  8. Moleskine ruled notebook
  9. A box of sweet treats

Branded corporate gifts allow you to give something meaningful to employees and clients while increasing company visibility and reach. Even if the holiday season is far off, there’s never a bad time to hand out custom T-shirts and embroidered snapbacks!

Keep reading, and we’ll share the 9 best corporate gift ideas for a professional crowd in 2024.

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#1. Custom Snapback Hat

The best corporate gifts are ones that are easy to customize. Promotional items with your logo serve as exceptional gifts that can help boost your brand’s reach.

For branded gifts that leave a lasting impression, it’s a good idea to turn to promotional products experts. An experienced team will know exactly how to craft custom items that can fit your budget, reflect your company mission, and satisfy your employees.

Custom corporate gifts that are trendy and practical

First, let’s start with perhaps the best idea for custom corporate gifts. Embroidered snapback hats are trendy and practical, and their front panel is the ideal canvas for your company’s logo. And because snapbacks are adjustable, you don’t need to worry about sizing.

Simply find a patterned or blank hat style that matches your company aesthetic, and trust the team at Double Portion Supply to deliver.

the 112 richardson birch and amber hat from double portion supply business gifts corporate gifts personalization entertainment gifts bag appreciation
The 112 Richardson Birch And Amber Hat from Double Portion Supply

We can embroider snapbacks with your company logo, or help you discover a new design if your creative capabilities have dried up. And even if you’re running short on time, our two-day shipping will save the day. Plus, we dispatch all orders the very next day.

It doesn’t need to be hard to find business gifts that can satisfy the professionals in your life. Whether you’re wowing potential clients, saying “thank you” to valued employees, or welcoming in new hires, a snapback hat is a fresh and trendy way to make any recipient feel special.

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#2. Polo shirts

man wearing a cap and polo shirt from double portion supply promotional items brand stand message audience price christmas gifts corporate gifts

When it comes to business gifts, there’s nothing more classy and stylish than a comfortable polo shirt. Unlike T-shirts, polos offer a unique touch to branded apparel and are perfect for wearing to conferences, awards, and holiday parties.

Every organization should give out at least one branded polo shirt to their employees and loyal clients. It’s the best way to keep your team looking fresh!

#3. Ceramic mug

Whether you’re looking for professional gifts for company holidays or anniversaries, a majority of the gift recipients will likely be coffee drinkers (or tea drinkers.) And if you want to keep things moving, it’s a good idea to ensure that each person can get their fix of caffeine!

the gray moons mug from double portion supply corporate gifts business gifts branded gifts organizations loyalty fun art corporate gifts
The Gray Moons Mug from Double Portion Supply

Instead of plastic-tasting water bottles, it’s a much better idea to opt for classy and high-quality ceramic mugs. They make for a luxurious yet down-to-earth business gift. Try pairing it with a specialty coffee gift basket for the ultimate present, like these boxes from Coffee Beanery!

#4. Spacious tote bags

From long days in the office to quick grocery runs, everyone needs a roomy tote bag for hauling around their belongings. Though fanny packs have made a comeback, they can’t beat the boundless dimensions of a tote bag.

Plus, tote bags are super easy to customize. Their large exterior creates the perfect canvas for your company logo or intricate design.

man carrying a tote bag business gifts corporate gifts tax deductible power banks drop shipping food shop companies example browse

#5. Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones

Nowadays, technology is everywhere, and it’s cheaper and easier than ever to give gadgets as a gift. They’re cool, useful, and can impress even the toughest crowds.

Bluetooth speakers pack a powerful punch but won’t break the bank, and can help to spice up the office and boost productivity (there’s very little a good song can’t do!) A clip-on speaker is a great choice, but you can also go with wireless headphones if you have a bit more spare cash floating around.

Regardless, gadgets are always a safe bet.

#6. Succulent plants

Sometimes, the best gifts are simple gifts. And if your employees or co-workers are struggling with feeling motivated in a dull and drab workplace, it might be time to bring some life and love into the room.

Succulents are cute gifts that can bring a surprising amount of positivity despite their petite size. It’s a heartwarming present that shows someone you’re thinking about them and you appreciate them!

If you want to take it up a notch, get a few gorgeous succulents in customized ceramic pots.

a group of succulent plants in pots branding business gifts businesses employee recognition corporate gifts tools personal price

#7. Branded T-shirts

T-shirts make for exceptional business gifts and are easy to distribute. All you need is a cool design featuring your company logo, and a company who can screen print it on a tee.

The right employee gifts will help team members feel like they’re a part of something. It encourages productivity and drives morale. It also makes for excellent business gifts for clients, customers, and industry members. And that’s what a T-shirt can do. No one can say “no” to a free tee!

#8. Moleskine ruled notebook

Anyone in the business world (or just anyone at all) always needs a handy notebook by their side. If you’re regularly forgetting appointments or having spontaneous thoughts that need recording, then this is the way to do so.

And when it comes to notebooks, there’s better than moleskin. They’re a massive step up from spiral ring notebooks and are designed to last a lifetime. They make for a heartwarming yet insanely useful gift.

#9. A box of sweet treats

woman picking a chocolate from a box business gifts ordering online companies create awards gifts bag browse shop bag customers businesses appreciation

Though things are the cornerstone of corporate gifting, sometimes, all it takes is a little indulgence. Whether you’re trying to win over new clients or motivate your hard-working team, a box of sweet treats can do it all and more.

Okay, technically, you can’t brand chocolate. But you can probably brand the box. Regardless, food or candies make for some of the best gifts regardless of the time or place.

It’s highly unlikely you can go wrong here. But when in doubt, just pair it with a branded snapback, and you’ll have the perfect gifts!

Final thoughts

Though corporate gifting might seem like a challenge at first, all it takes is the perfect present to leave a positive impression.

Whether you’re shopping for your employees, clients, or business partners, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat the professionals in your life!

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